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Time travels: Scorpion delicasies, African beaches and whiny tourists

Photo: Bishop Laurent Mbanda; his wife Chantal Mbanda; very successful businesswoman and me in Rwanda during his installation celebration When I give myself time to travel to ‘far away’ places around the globe, I rest and observe and learn. It … Continue reading

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How to live through lies, flies and other workplace nuisances

Mack was a good employee. He was the number two man in the entrepreneurial organization where he believed that he was co-building a great future for his family and himself. What happened over the next few years is nothing short … Continue reading

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Scholarships for career professionals: Get them while they’re hot! (My fav’s next deadline is July 15)

Photo: Hospitality and vehicle manufacturing industries offer scholarships to employees and students How to land a job and how to win scholarships remain top queries to me by everyone from Quora answer seekers to parents to mid-career professionals. Unlike college … Continue reading

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Look within; Work abroad

Our thoughts and experiences are sometimes limited by our physical boundaries. If we are born and have lived in the same country, it is highly likely that we will spend our working years in the same area. Yet, there are … Continue reading

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Open letter to parents, advisors and ‘first time in college’ students: Your career begins with your college choice

Begin with the end in mind. Who wishes for her/his prospective college or university student to enroll in academic programs that produce results on the road to nowhere? I don’t. That is why I have spent a few decades helping … Continue reading

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Need a job? Try the low-hanging “fruit.” Job seekers apply here …

Here’s a well-known secret: The best jobs are found on the websites of professional associations. If you are still looking for work, check out the professional associations in the field(s) of your intended career. It’s the low-hanging fruit for your … Continue reading

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Filling in the holes: Haiti’s gifts

Photo description: Work designed and created by an unknown Haitan artist who gifted our family with the piece. It is the single art on my table. Remembering and honoring the strength of Haiti and this country’s resolve to save the … Continue reading

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Discouraged job seekers: Start here Are you sitting at home in front of your computer searching for jobs to fit your current career goals? Are you like one of my mentees who just told me that she cannot find a job where she is … Continue reading

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Hobknob for jobs

Looking for a job is a job. I often share that well-known fact with my mentees who are college students and recent grads. You have to be strategic, focused and prepared. I am pivoting my blog’s primary topics to career … Continue reading

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My Memorial Day memories: Former slaves honoring the dead

“They forgot about the colored soldiers,” Grandma Robinson always said without specifying the “who” in her recollections. Continue reading

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