The work of creative students on a scavenger hunt as part of a class assignment — Part 1

From student Jonathan David about his bicycle photo: Significance: Due to limited parking as a result of construction on Florida A&M’s campus, many students have resorted to cycling to campus. Although the hills may offer a workout, you do not have to worry about a ticket!
Tow Away Zone! Unless you’re a cyclist

Teaching digital native students is a welcomed challenge.

The first assignment for two sections of my digital storytelling courses was to complete a scavenger hunt within a 1.5 mile radius in downtown Tallahassee. Other students captured a single image with a caption in a deadline scenario. Both groups performed well.

In all, the assignment is related to field producing. We have book work and discussions to follow.

Here are some of the images from one of my classes. I will follow up this blog with the second set of images from the other class.

Class in session 8/26-29/2019: Students’ observation/field reporting assignment is a Scavenger Hunt in Cascades Park, Smokey Hollow

Welcome back students!

My RWII classes are learning the power and importance of observation, note taking and more. It’s the baby steps to becoming field producers, researchers and expert writers.

  • Every image in this blog is included in your scavenger hunt.
  • Locate at least five of the images.
  • Indicate location, time and date of photo, location’s historical and/or current significance to the community, who accompanied you on this scavenger hunt and who also discovered the spot.
  • Take a photo of yourself and others (if applicable) from a different angle.
  • Write a caption using AP style, good grammar and suitable for social media usage.
  • I will tell you in class where to send your work.
  • Due: Wed., Aug. 28 and Thurs., Aug. 29.
  • Remember to “R-E-A-P” with creativity: Read, Engage, Attend, Punctuality.
  • Winners announced week of Sept. 3.

All other readers of this blog may participate and share (after 2 p.m., Thurs., Aug. 29) with our class via this blog.

Slug: Scavenger Hunt/Field Producing

The only hint is: The photographers were taken along one of my morning walking routes in Tallahassee, FL or is it Fla. students?

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