How and why you should create a podcast


The proliferation of podcasts listeners is profound. More than half of the U.S. population over 12 years of age, have tuned into at least one podcast or radio broadcast

The double-digit growth in this exploding sector has caused a related explosion in venture capitalists, angel investors and technology companies offering lucrative financing, training and marketing services to the new creators of audio content. Some tech companies such as Google and Spotify are especially interested in supporting “people of color” podcast creators.

The trends show that younger listeners are increasing their podcast listening:

It’s a young and dynamic industry with estimated revenues of $479 million, according to the 2018 Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP. Podcast advertising sales are expected to double to $1 billion by 2021.

As a professor of journalism at Florida A&M University, I require my digital media/storytelling students to produce audio stories. In all, more than 60 podcasts are posted on my Wix, and pinterest sites. Some of the podcasts were stellar and others needed work. The scale of great to acceptable was directly due to the students’ willingness to follow the recommended steps involving everything from idea creation and naming to journalistic interview skills and audio editing.

Here are a few links of recent student podcasts:

Food insecurity among college students: An interview of two students by Tenae Taylor:

FAMU grad and Florida Sen. Bobby Powell, Jr. interview by Dontay Thomas:

Podcast hunters are seeking new creators

There is a steep learning curve for my students and other podcast creators to learn the detailed aspects of designing and maintaining successful audio shows.

An angel investor consortium known as Podfund debuted in May 2019 with the promise of assisting start-up podcast companies. There are financial and other terms to Podfund’s offer to podcast newbies. I’ve found Podfund to be reasonable, accessible and full of great resources for the new podcast entrepreneur. I like Podfund’s open and rolling deadlines for consideration of proposal. Be sure to click on all the FAQs and terms agreement before applying. See

Zebras Unite is an active investor in the podcast realm with the commitment to “a more ethical and inclusive movement to counter existing startup and venture capital culture. We believe creating an alternative to this status quo is a moral imperative.”I like this company that was founded by four female entrepreneurs because of its extended opportunity to individuals who may be interested in different aspects of angel investing.

A hand up

Google and Spotify are among a handful of companies inviting competition and offering training and financial incentives. A mission-driven media investment company, PRX, just closed its open call for podcast creators, yet still offers webinars for budding podcasters. Spotify revived its popular podcast bootcamp for women of color, “Sound Up” to take place in August 2019. It comes complete with $10,000 to each of the three winners. Last year, 18,000 applicants flooded Spotify’s competition website.

There are hundreds of podcast training programs offered by media companies, universities, entrepreneurs and others with specialized skills in the

It’s no wonder that podcast angel investors, venture capitalists and technology companies are actively recruiting new creators of audio content.


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Ann Lineve Wead Kimbrough is an award-winning financial writer and special projects author with more than 5,000 multi-media works produced under her byline and broadcast signature. She is also a tenured professor at a Florida university. Ann’s work has appeared in Business Week, Fortune, Time, Marketing Management, Black Enterprise, Atlanta Business Chronicle, Atlanta Journal/Constitution, Essence, Twins magazine and Ebony Jr! She was an anchor and reporter for WSB-TV morning show, WGST-FM afternoon drive, Media One and Georgia Public TV’s weekly business shows. She has taught hundreds of high school and university students in more than 500 courses in communications and international business. A highly regarded mentor, former students and college classmates are leaders in the business, broadcast journalism, motion pictures, nonprofit, print journalism, public affairs and public relations, special events and varied entrepreneurial fields. Follow my blog and on social media: twitter @awkimbrough; fb @annweadkimbrough and Insta @annweadkimbrough_
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