Look within; Work abroad

Mixture of expats and Chinese natives enjoy harbor park

Malaysia is a popular location for expat workers

Our thoughts and experiences are sometimes limited by our physical boundaries. If we are born and have lived in the same country, it is highly likely that we will spend our working years in the same area.

Yet, there are endless opportunities for US educated professionals in the worldwide job market. The offerings often include benefits.

In one job announcement at a Malaysian location, the HR specs include the requirement for the applicant to have a Master’s degree, and in turn, housing and transportation expenses are provided in the hiring package.

I met a former US citizen in Central America who works there for a company that deposits his wages into his Massachussets USA checking account. He uses his debit card to collect his wages, yet at a much better rate of exchange because he can access Guatemalan ‘Qs.”

Military men and women and their families who are stationed abroad, know well the advantages of living in most countries with valued benefits.

Working abroad is not for everyone. I recommend that you consult with loved ones and others who are knowledgeable about work and personal lives outside of the USA.

For those who are open to an expanded career space, consider the factor of enhanced marketability. Most employers are keen on you if global jobs are part of your reportorie.

Your opportunities for quality overseas work assognments increase if you know the native language of the country you will reside in as what’s known as an “expat” or US citizen working and living abroad.

One new expat told me she is beginning a new career in Vietnam, teaching English. Another individual is saving money based on his move to an Asian country where his living expenses are more favorable than his former US costs.

Ann L. Wead Kimbrough is an accomplished educator, award-winning financial journalist, author, special events leader, mentor and prolific contributor to select global and domestic non-profit causes. Her blog topics include travel, history, humor, education, career, family, journalism and ‘thought you should know’ subjects. https://www.linkedin.com/in/annlineve/


About awkimbrough

Ann Lineve Wead Kimbrough is an award-winning financial writer and special projects author with more than 5,000 multi-media works produced under her byline and broadcast signature. She is also a tenured professor at a Florida university. Ann’s work has appeared in Business Week, Fortune, Time, Marketing Management, Black Enterprise, Atlanta Business Chronicle, Atlanta Journal/Constitution, Essence, Twins magazine and Ebony Jr! She was an anchor and reporter for WSB-TV morning show, WGST-FM afternoon drive, Media One and Georgia Public TV’s weekly business shows. She has taught hundreds of high school and university students in more than 500 courses in communications and international business. A highly regarded mentor, former students and college classmates are leaders in the business, broadcast journalism, motion pictures, nonprofit, print journalism, public affairs and public relations, special events and varied entrepreneurial fields. Follow my blog and on social media: twitter @awkimbrough; fb @annweadkimbrough and Insta @annweadkimbrough_
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