@famusjgc82 Summer 2017 rw2_lit class: “A” for team effort

The 23 sophomore, junior and senior students who spent six fast weeks learning about website development, blogs, podcasts, video while sharpening writing and editing skills, released their first draft of their website.

If you, as an observer and encourager, find any type of errors and/or have recommendations for the students, please inbox them on Instagram, rw2_lit.

Thanks and check it out: https://bdanterious.wixsite.com/reportingandwriting



About annwead

I am a professor of multimedia, innovative journalism in the Journalism & Graphic Design School at Florida A&M University. As an award-winning journalist and higher ed executive, my latest high profile project involves the multi-faceted development of a 'teaching hospital' formed via a public-private partnership and located on the FAMU campus. The public-private partnership's outcome is a multi-million-dollar, annual economic benefit to the north Florida region with direct benefits to communication students enrolled in programs at FAMU. internship and training program for FAMU communications majors. It has been a rewarding career where I have been transforming lives in education, government and media for more 25 years. Also, as a ghost and co-writer of literary works that highlight the careers and lives of accomplished "hidden" people, I am achieving a valued use of my talents and skills.
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